Timber roof lanterns

Timber roof lanterns

Timber roof lanterns

Timber roof lanterns have become increasingly popular in recent years.  Burberry Harris Moon have a wealth of experience constructing precision made glazed roof lanterns for our orangeries, and we are able to offer the same high specifications to customers wishing to incorporate a lantern into their own project.


Glazed roof lanterns add an amazing feeling of height and space to a room.  Even a small lantern will flood a room with natural light, transforming a conventional flat ceilinged room into a stunning architectural feature.


Adding a roof lantern to a flat ceiling, single storey room is a fantastic way to transform a space, visually adding height.  A glazed lantern, even of some size does not need significant additional height.  Provided the roof pitch is kept low at around twenty degrees, the extra height onto a flat roof may only be 500 to 600 mm.  This means that the lantern will not need to spoil the view from first floor windows.  Externally a roof lantern can be a subtle addition to a home, so it will not dominate the visual appearance of the house or upset neighbours.


Glazing a lantern

The significant advances in glass technology during the last ten years have been a key factor in the recent popularity of timber roof lanterns.  Solar control glass, self-clean and energy efficient coatings, are all features that mean a room with a lantern can maintain optimum temperature comfort all year round and avoid excess glare from the sun.


Will a glazed lantern require blinds?

In most situations, solar control glass will be sufficient to minimise sunlight glare.  Burberry Harris Moon offer various solar control glazing options to suit different room aspects.


Blinds are a very useful option to create a more intimate feel during the evening, so you may wish to add blinds if the room is used a lot for evening entertaining.


Traditional roof lanterns

Timber is the perfect material to create a beautiful period feature.  A range of embellishments internally can be added including feature mouldings, turned finials and panelling to the lantern reveals and surrounding ceiling.


Contemporary roof lanterns

Beautiful contemporary roof lanterns can be constructed in timber.  The lantern timbers can be shaped in stark crisp square edged forms and painted in cool slate grey.  The plaster reveals can have a lighting strip added so that hidden LED lighting may be used to stunning effect.