Roof lantern glass

Roof Lantern Glass

Roof Lantern Glass

Roof lantern glass used in Burberry Harris Moon orangeries and roof lanterns incorporates the latest glass technology.

Choosing the right high performance roof glass for any roof lantern installation is vital to ensure year-round comfort.

The Ambience range has been developed with world leading glass manufacturers to ensure our roof lanterns benefit from the latest glass technology at a competitive price.

Our roof lanterns include Ambi Neutral 1.2 advanced technology glass as standard:

  • BIOCLEAN® dual action self-cleaning glass
  • 1.2 U value SGG Planitherm total energy efficient coating
  • Ambi Neutral solar control glass which reflects 60% of the sun’s heat

Ambi Neutral 1.2 is the most popular option for our roof lanterns, so we offer this as standard.

The Ambi Neutral solar control glass has a neutral grey tone which suits all room colours whether classical or contemporary.

Ambi Neutral provides a natural look to the finished room.  The advanced technology of this glass reflects 60% of the sun’s heat away from the room.

Ambi Neutral also optimises thermal insulation during cold winter months, offering home owners many benefits including reducing the sun’s glare by 63%.

Roof lantern glass options

Our roof lanterns are also available with a number of glass options for further performance benefits and tint options:

  • 1.0 U value with SGG Planitherm 4 Seasons low e coating and argon gas fill and warm edge technology spacer bar.
  • Ambi-aqua solar control with 78% solar heat reflection
  • Ambi-blue solar control with 60% solar heat reflection
  • Ambi-bronze solar control with 55% solar heat reflection
  • Ambi-satin privacy.  This opaque option from the Burberry Harris Moon Ambience range provides total seclusion whilst allowing 75% of natural light to penetrate the glass


Technical - roof lantern glass

Self-cleaning glass


SGG BIOCLEAN is a self-cleaning glass manufactured by depositing a transparent layer of photocatalytic and hydrophilic mineral material onto clear glass.

The coating, which is integrated into the glass itself, ensures a high level of durability.

How does it work?

Our roof lantern glass, SGG BIOCLEAN, harnesses the power of both UV light from the sun and rain to effectively combat dirt and grime that accumulates on the outside of the window (dried water marks, organic atmospheric pollutants, dust, sea spray and insect residues).

The performance of the self-cleaning action can vary depending on the amount and type of dirt on the windows, the total exposure to light and rain the glass will receive, and the incline of the window.

How to activate the coating

To activate the coating, the glass must be exposed to natural light for several days. 


Our roof lantern glass does not need to be cleaned as frequently as conventional glass.  However, it is not a maintenance free glass.

Should the glass require cleaning, this can be done by simply rinsing with soft or demineralised water.  For stubborn marks, use warm soapy water with a clean sponge, or a standard window cleaning product and a soft clean cloth.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or ‘water-repellent’ cleaning products which form a film on the glass.


Advantages of our SGG BIOCLEAN roof lantern glass:

  • It is the most neutral self-cleaning glass available – no unsightly tint or reflective surface.  It looks just like normal glass!
  • Much easier cleaning – less dirt and grime adheres to the glass to spoil your beautiful roof lantern
  • Ideal for hard to reach areas – it saves having to climb up a ladder to clean the roof lantern
  • Permanent coating – it lasts the lifetime of the glass


Energy efficient glass

Ambi Neutral 1.2

This glass is included as standard in all of our roof lanterns.  The glazing incorporates Saint-Gobain Planitherm Total which utilises the latest advancements in thermally insulating glass technology.

Planitherm is Europe’s best selling range of high performance low-emissivity glass.

Planitherm products use a special coating to reflect heat from domestic heat sources back into the room.  At the same time, this coating allows free heat and light from the sun to pass through the glass, warming the room and further contributing to the energy efficiency of the windows and helping to minimise your energy bills.

You do not need to worry that a glazed roof lantern will increase your energy bills.

Ambi Neutral 1.0

As an option we can offer an even higher performance low-emissivity glass.  When combined with argon gas fill and warm edge technology spacer bar, the lantern can achieve a U value as low as 1.0.


Solar control glass – stay cooler in the summer

Glass that helps to keep the heat out

Solar control glass can be used to keep interiors more comfortable by preventing excessive heat build up in sunny weather, without the need for costly blinds or air conditioning.

How does it work?

Solar control glass has a microscopically thin coating on one side that reflects heat from the sun to the outside.  This helps to prevent overheating in rooms with glazed roof lanterns.  It can also reduce uncomfortable glare from the direct sun.