Orangery watercolours

The orangery images on the ‘How much does an orangery cost?’ page have been painted for us by Steve Everest, a local watercolour artist based in the South East.


We first met Steve when he was exhibiting at Finchcocks Musical Museum in Goudhurst, Kent.  He has an amazing ability to paint buildings and stonework especially, and we thought that his style would be ideal for our ‘How much does an orangery cost?’ page.


Steve has undertaken numerous commissions in the past, and we are really delighted with his paintings of our three orangeries.  He is a well-travelled artist, and many of his works have been inspired during visits to France, Italy and Egypt.  Particularly impressive is the way in which he captures sunlight on the buildings that he paints, as you will see below and also if you visit the gallery on his website.


Steve now exhibits and sells his paintings and prints regularly at ‘The Corn Exchange’, just by The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells where you can also watch him at work.


We highly recommend Steve to anyone seeking a commissioned painting, as not only is he a talented artist, but his approach is thoughtful, sensitive and extremely accommodating, and we look forward to working with him again in the future.


'The Pantiles', Tunbridge Wells 

The Pantiles


'The Winter Palace Hotel', Egypt 

The Winter Palace Hotel, Egypt