Orangeries, beautifully designed and made by Burberry Harris Moon Ltd. Orangeries have become very popular structures in the last few years, and for good reason. An orangery creates a stunning, versatile, light and airy living space.


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We have seen a significant growth in the demand for orangeries. Customers who may once have opted for a standard house extension are now just as likely to choose an orangery. Orangeries are a extremely versatile way of extending a property.


Kitchen orangeries

A kitchen, always the central focus of a house, can be extended out into an orangery to transform a previously dull space into a spacious living area.

A dining or breakfast area is a requirement in many modern kitchens, for informal meals, rushed weekday snacks, or lazy weekend brunches. A beautifully designed orangery extension from Burberry Harris Moon is the perfect solution.


The kitchen is normally the most widely used room in the house and an ideal place to benefit from natural sunlight.

An orangery allows more light than a traditional extension, yet better insulation and heat-control than a conservatory. Furthermore, our orangeries include the latest technology solar control glass, whilst the walls, floor and flat roof are filled with the highest levels of insulation. This means that temperature extremes never need to be a concern.


Dining room orangeries

Orangeries create a stunning setting for dining. For maximum impact, position the dining table centrally beneath the glazed lantern. For evening dining, pendant lighting (a chandelier possibly) will focus light on to the dining table. Dim the perimeter down lighters to set the mood required. During the day time, dining can be experienced in a light, airy atmosphere, with the room bathed in natural light from the glazed lantern above.



Garden room orangeries

If you have a large garden, but feel shut away from the garden when relaxing indoors, consider extending out with an orangery. A thoughtful design that includes low dwarf walls and plenty of glazing, perhaps incorporating bi folding doors, will afford panoramic views of the garden.



Orangeries for family rooms

Separate kitchens, lounges and dining rooms, typical of the majority of English properties, are often not the best solution for families coping with modern day living.

An orangery extension can be designed as a fantastic, versatile room for family activities.

If you are considering an orangery extension for use as a family room, clever choice of furnishings can make a great difference to its success as a room for the whole family:

  • An extending dining table could be used for children’s homework, and converted for a formal dinner party.
  • For a sitting area, consider accent chairs instead of bulky armchairs and sofas.
  • Whilst an orangery may be finished with floor tiles, separate the sitting area with a rug for a cosier feel. 
  • Lighting has a great impact on the versatility of a space. Include down lighters, pendant lights and wall lights for flexible arrangements. Plenty of sockets allow options for floor and table lamps.