Conservatory paint

Conservatory Paint Conservatory Paint 

Conservatory Paint 

Whether it is a muted heritage colour; a rich deep wood stain, or a subtle cream, there is a colour that will be perfect from our range.

What colour should I choose?

There is often the assumption that if the host building has white windows, this is the colour the conservatory or orangery should be. However, consider that a conservatory all in white may be too bright in mid-summer, and a more muted colour may offer a better foil for your garden planting scheme.

The advantages of micro-porous paints

A micro-porous paint differs from a traditional oil based gloss paint (otherwise known as Alkyd based coatings). Oil based paints have a closed chemical structure and their performance is based on providing a complete barrier to moisture ingress. The main disadvantage of oil based paints is that, as the paint film gets older it ages, causing it to become harder, until natural timer movement causes cracks and peeling.

Micro-porous paints however, have an open structure so they allow a small amount of moisture to pass through. This means that the wood can breathe and also the coating remains soft throughout its life. A micro-porous paint does weather; it erodes from the outer surface at a very slow rate, until the surface will eventually become hard and chalky.

The finishing process

All of our orangeries and conservatories are finished in our spray shop. We use the Teknos leading range of specialist water based micro-porous paints. The paint finish is applied using a pump system which utilises high pressure to atomise the paint. This allows each coat of paint to be the equivalent of up to four brush coats.

Colour range

There is a huge colour range which we can offer including a classic heritage green, a cool off-white, a rich hay, and many others.